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Baylor University’s continuing education program was not a priority  for many years, but a few years ago a decision was made to invest in the program and grow it.  Lumens enrollment management system was purchased shortly after and the program has been growing ever since.

Watch the recording and learn:

  • Why Baylor University chose Lumens.
  • The successes Baylor’s CE program has seen since the re-investment of the program.
  • Baylor’s tips on growing a small or brand new program.
  • Key reports and metrics Baylor focuses on.
  • And much more!

Gabriela Gatlin Colman, Director of Continuing Education, Baylor University
Theresa Hagan, Operations Manager of Continuing Education, Baylor University
Cammy Skalla, Product Advisor, Augusoft

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BP 05.15.2019 Webinar Recording - Baylor